Auto crane pipe installation and maintenance
Published:2013-7-11      Clicked:1967

快乐扑克3豹子中奖 Auto crane tube in the process of installation we need to pay attention to:

In the process of installation must keep each flange surface clean, if there is a seal groove of crane tube, that must be use butter to the o-ring installed to connect later

After the final assembly, but also should timely adjust the balancer, adjustment method is to lift the lifting arm to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit above then unscrew the lid of the balancer end, in order to adjust until the crane tube can be within 15 degrees to 60 degrees to a complete stop.

Products factory has do the leakage test, when users only need to reference when install the connection structure schematic drawing is ok, to the level of short tube with hair oil on flange connection is good, the basis of connected horizontal short tube with the lift arm group again, finally only then to install the balancer, and then connect the balancer pull rod.

In the junctions between the crane tube with hair oil need to match the corresponding standard flange, which ensures that the flange is firm and reliable. Normally, the height of the flange and ground control about 21 to 22 m. When the crane tube inversion of flange height from the ground need to be adjusted to 27 to 28 m.

Each pin shaft rotational part and spring balancer before install and use need to be coated with lubricating oil.

When installing a gyrator level must pay attention to the point of view, be sure to adjust to the suitable Angle.

Maintenance notice the following points

The homework finished remember to push the crane tube to the hair oil on one side of the machine and make the balancer in the relaxed state. Should pay attention to use the uniform strength to pull the crane tube, to avoid the impact. Regular maintenance, remember to apply lubricating oil, crane tube using a long time after, to pay attention to check avoid have medium leakage, this time should be apart gyrator cleaning maintenance. And to replace the seal in a timely manner, the user should own a protection and maintenance of crane tube method, if you have professional staff to help maintenance is better.